Monday, March 8, 2010

Trendy Trench

The Trench says, "I'm stylish as well as efficient - don't mess with me" - Daily Telegraph UK
Trench coats are here to stay baby! ... true fashion classics, they seem to reappear in some form almost every season. A good candidate for the Petite Investment Category in your closet. Petites of all ages and body shapes can wear them if you follow some simple guidelines.

  • The contrasting belt is the centre of attraction and says "effortlessly stylish".
  • The colors are a trendy color combination for the season.
  • The "V" neck blouse elongates the neck and gives Petites instant length.
  • The light, skin tone color of the shoes elongates the legs.
  • Pushed up sleeves give Petites more visual length.
  • The look is effortlessly stylish - not a single matching color in sight and yet they all blend together very well.

  • I love the smaller lapels on this jacket. They are the ideal size for Petites with smaller busts and shoulders.
  • Once again, the contrasting belt updates the classic Trench look.
  • Petites take special note of how all 3 Trench coats are worn open, unbuttoned, because it adds length to the Petite silhouette.
  • The shorter Trench is most flattering on Petites.

  • The lightweight scarf in this picture is perfectly proportioned for Petites.
  • The shoes in a light tone and low rise adds length to the ankles.
  • Here again, the length of this Trench is perfect for Petites.
  • Large collars and lapels can easily overwhelm the Petite frame. The Trench in the first picture has larger lapels and and collar and this style is better suited to those with bigger busts. The smaller lapels and colars in the 2nd and 3rd pictures are better suited to Petites with smaller busts and shoulders.
  • The length of the Trench in the first picture is a little too long for Petites who are shorter than approx. 5'1" but if the cut and the fabric are not bulky you could perhaps get away with it.
  • The flower accessory in the 2nd picture is fairly large but it works in this instance because it has been pinned well away from the face.  
  • Oversized bags look best hanging at hip length, no lower. Remember to keep the size in proportion to your body.

Well, that's it from me on the subject of Trench Coats for now.  I hope you enjoyed this post.


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