Friday, April 9, 2010

Petite Fashion Myth - update

 Short women can't wear long dresses
"There's nothing like the presence of a floor-sweeping gown, so why should diminutive darlings have to miss out? A long column dress can actually lengthen your figure, especially in a solid colour with a cropped jacket, and worn with the right pair of heels - wedges for day, platforms for night - it's a flattering silhouette regardless of height." Flare

Nicole Richie at  5'1" tall looks amazing in long dresses. 

  So, it's confirmed then...  "short women can't wear long dresses"   definitely is a fashion myth. 


  1. I definitely think petites can wear long dresses. I own two maxis and love them, as long as it's not overly flowing and you're not trippin over the hem!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! She looks gorgeous in those dresses! I really think it's all about the proportions... as long as the fit is right, any petite can rock a long dress!

  3. i think petite girls look super attractive in maxi dresses! but i might be biased, as im petitie too =)


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