Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What to wear reminders

If you find yourself only wearing 20% of the clothing in your closet, then try this solution: When you see an inspiring picture of an outfit in a magazine or online, then cut it out or Snagit and paste it on the inside of your closet door. This really helps for those times when you are getting dressed in a hurry. It acts as a reminder to wear some of the pieces lurking at the back of your closet and to wear what you already have in different ways. These are just some of the pictures I'm using as reminders this week.


I'm using the picture above to remind me to mix prints and also to try wearing a belted shirt over my summer dresses. The blazer over top reminds me of a forgotten blazer I have tucked away in the back of my closet. I also like how the blazer tones the look down and adds much needed warmth for early spring days.

This picture here serves as a reminder to wear my navy blazer over a particular summer dress I had almost forgotten about.  I usually wear the dress on warm summer days with sandals but with boots and the blazer, as in this picture above, I will get some use out of it in spring too.

Okay, here I'm reminding myself to buy that cute pink scarf I've been wanting for a while.  I love it with the denim here. I have a warm skin tone so the pink will need a yellow undertone to work for me. 

This serves as a reminder to wear flimsy textures with my denim. I like the idea of dressing my denim up for daytime sometimes too.  

Little reminders here. Layered necklaces, cuff bracelets and belted cardi under the jacket. Love those shoes!

I love the killer shoes with these black capri's. Here I'm reminding myself to reach for my nude heels  instead of my trusty black pumps with my capri's.

Every one of these pictures is reminding me to wear an item of clothing I already have but in a different way. This helps to keep my look current and inspire me on those "I've got nothing to wear" days. My shopping becomes more focused on building different looks with items I already have.


  1. Great choices ! What a wonderful reminder idea, can't wait to try it. I have tons of great stuff in my closet,that I never wear, this will definitley help out on those mad dash to the door mornings. Thank you

  2. Great ideas! I have loads of stuff that sits around without ever beeing worn. It's like discovering hidden treasures all over again.

    Thank you!

  3. Great post and ideas! Your link wasn't working on my blog and now I finally was able to fix it- whew!!! :)

    Don't forget to enter my 1st giveaway going on now!!!! :)


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