Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring shopping at Macy's

I went shopping this week for spring clothes to celebrate the warmer weather we've been experiencing here in Canada.  My first port-of-call was Macy's.  A little bird had whispered in my ear about the Macy's International Savings Card for international travellers valid for 30 days at any Macy's entitling one to 10% off throughout the store. I was absolutely amazed to get an extra 10% off on items already marked down by up to 60%.  This card is available at the gift wrapping department - photo i.d. is required. Thank you Macy's I put it to good use!

I'm a size 4 dress and this size 4 dress fits like a glove. I will have the straps shortened by 1cm to lift the armholes slightly.  The length is perfect, at the narrowest point just below my knee. 

According to MyShape I am an "M" which is an hour glass shape, although I dont have the classic very narrow waist.  I can attest to the fact that this dress is very flattering on an "M" shape. Macy's have more of these styles, so, if you are a size 4 Petite  approximately 5'1" tall you can shop online at Macy's for these with confidence.
I've been looking for a medium heel sandal for everyday use and these are extremely comfortable.  I don't have the thinnest ankles in town but because the ankle strap is placed quite low, I feel I can get away with it.  I wear a size 6 and this shoe fits well.  I would have preferred the colour in a lighter nude shade, but chose comfort over colour this time.  I'm wondering whether it would be possible to lighten this tan colour somehow. Any suggestions? 

These cute little white Sketchers are a staple item in every Petite girl's wardrobe, me thinks.  Once again, size 6 ran true to size and very comfortable.

I bought this cute top in both white and coral.  They will be easy-to-wear basics to wear with jeans this spring. I have a warm skin tone, and the coral is a great colour for "Springs" with green eyes.  Sorry I don't have a picture of it in the coral colour to show you, however, if you click here you will be able to see it. If you have a cool skin tone, then stay with the white colour.

At $18.00 you can't go wrong.  The styling is great if, like me, you need to hide a little winter padding.  It will look great topped with a jacket worn at high hip level.

I could only find a Petite SM which fits me well enough. Although a Petite XS would have been better.  It fits exactly like the one in the picture. There is a little extra space across the chest at the lace yoke, so, I'm hoping it will shrink just a wee but, if it doesn't, it will be just fine.

Happy Easter shopping!

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