Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Dress Fever

I'm so impressed with Dress Barn's spring dresses I just had to share.  Did you know they also have a new Petite Collection?  I didn't... what a nice surprise!

Their sizes run 4-16 and 14-24. Check their website here for more information. I love this cute dress for summer. My legs are not my best feature but I've recently discovered the perfect length for me,  the thinnest part just under my knee, and there you go!... I'm wearing dresses again. This coral colour is perfect if you have a warm skin tone.

This belted dress looks fabulous on! I tried the size 4 and found the lower hip just a little too snug for my "M" shape (hour glass shape) so, for a size 4 Petite with a straighter body shape, it would be perfect (check MyShape if you aren't sure of your shape). The length once again on my 5'1" frame was perfect, just a little under the knee. The warm orange/pink/brown tones will suit those with warm skin tones.

Another cute dress, so lovely with the green cardi, and we all know cardi's are really big this season.

I adore this dress.  I tried a replica in pale blue at Macy's. It looks great on and this one at Dress Barn is a third of the price.  I love how these two styles (above and below) are so forgiving on the hip area.

Okay, it's confirmed! I officially have dress fever... or is it Spring fever? mmmm...

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  1. I never have been to Dress Barn- may have to check it out :) I love finding out about new stores I have never been to!! And they have a petite collection- even better!


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